(01)Exploration of wide and global investment opportunities
We will explore wide range of investment opportunities primarily in the areas of next gereation energy, renewable energy, energy storage & efficiency and carbon recycle, leveraging on our global intelligence.
(02)Providing risk capital to the companiess on commercial and scaling phases
We aim to provide risk capital to the climate tech companies in commercialization and scaling phase where the capital demand is still unmet.
(03)Building and utilizing an unique eco-system
By leveraging on MC's financial/industrial network and knowledge and collaborating with the LPs on global basis, we intend to build our unique eco-system to support our activities. This eco-system will be utlized not only for the exploration of our investment opportunities but for supporting business expansion of our portfolio companies.
(04)Contribute to the realization of carbon-neutral society
Thourgh our investments to climate tech startups with state of the art technologies, we aim to support the realizaiton of carbon-neutral society from financial business perspective.

Investment target


Even though the companies in commercializaiton/scaling phase require significant capital to scale, the available pool for funding is limited due to the higher inherent risks (e.g. composed of commercial risks, technological risks etc.).

We will address this finanical gap in the current market by providing risk capital to the industry through our fund business aiming to contribute to the realization of carbon-neutral society and at the same time to provide investment returns to our investors.

The Fund will provide growth capitals in companies mainly with advanced technologies and solutions, such as next-generation energy, renewable energy, energy storage and conservation, and carbon recycling, which contribute and accelerate the energy transformation. Given the fast-changing market trends and technological development, the Fund targets extensive subsectors in each area, flexibly capturing attractive investment opportunities.
  • Hydrogen production
  • Hydrogen carrier/Storage
  • Biofuel/SAF
Renewable energy
  • Floating offshore wind
  • Geothermal
  • Marine power generation
Carbon recycling
  • CCU
  • CCS
  • DAC
Energy storage &
  • Battery/Storage
  • Inductive charging
  • Base/Rare metal mining/Extraction