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About Us

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To support societal implementation

of new climate tech technologies

to achieve global decarbonization.

Led by Mitsubishi Corporation as the main sponsor, Marunouchi Innovation Partners Co., Ltd. was established as a joint venture company together with Mitsubishi UFJ Bank and Pavilion Private Equity. With the aim of realizing a carbon-neutral society by 2050, we will invest globally to support startup companies with cutting edge decarbonization technologies.

Marunouchi Climate Tech Growth Fund L.P. (established in April 2023), managed by our company, targets a wide range of climate tech technologies, including next-generation energy such as hydrogen, ammonia, and SAF; new renewable energy technologies in solar, wind, hydro, and geothermal; battery and energy storage technologies; carbon neutral materials such as green iron and cement ; and carbon recycling technologies such as CCU, CCS, and DAC. Our fund provides growth capital to startup companies with state-of-the-art technologies in these fields.

While there are many promising technologies in the field of decarbonization, it is important that these technologies are actually implemented in our society at an industrial scale in order to achieve net zero emissions. We see our role as supporting the commercialization of promising new technologies by providing growth capital, assisting our portfolio company on their growth path and accelerating their implementation in society.

Together with our investors and partners, we will support companies alongside their journey of global expansion and contribute to the decarbonization of the world from Japan.

Marunouchi Innovation Partners Co., Ltd.
Ichiro Miyoshi
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